Mining and Quarry

Inspyer is continually involved in the gold mining and quarry’s within New Zealand and is specialised in the maintenance and reliability Improvements and solutions in this area.

The list of machinery includes:
Baghouse fans, crushers, conveyor head pulleys, combustion fans, dust collector blowers, exhaust fans, screw conveyors, scrubbers, vibrating screens, motor control centres.

Pulp, Paper and Packaging

With Colin having over 23 year’s experience within the pulp and paper industry at CHH Inspyer has invaluable knowledge in this field and continue to work closely in this part of the industry.

The list of machinery Inspyer work with includes:
Paper mills, boiler ID and FD fans, size press drives, air compressors, size press rolls, boiler feedwater pumps, dryer drive combustion air fans, dryer drum drives, dust collector fans, breast rolls, vacuum pumps, couch presses, wire roll drives, calendar drives, felt drives, cleaner pumps, refiners, press roll drives, line shaft drives, motor control centres, electrical control systems and substations.


Inspyer has a working relationship with all major lube suppliers and is happy to offer you the following services:

- Plant Surveys
- Simple Analysis and Detection
- Interface with Plant Data
- Specifying Correct Procedures

Navy and Marine

Chris has been in the Engineering and Maintenance field for over 40 years starting out serving his time in the Marine Engineering industry and gaining a Marine Steam Engineers Ticket with P & O Lines.

Chris then took up a position in Suva Fiji as Superintendent at Bish Ltd Ship Building and Repair Yard. So, with Chris’s many years of experience within the Marine Engineering field Inspyer has a successful background in the area.

Inspyer works with trouble shooting vibration in the boats from brand new, solving the issue of design error or flaw to mechanical issues and faults.

Food and Beverage

Inspyer continues to develop an extensive database of equipment reliability data across all major aspects of the food and beverage industry, resulting in the best reliability improvement possible.

The list of machinery includes:
Ingredient pumps, air compressors, closure machines, boiler ID and FD fans, cooling fans, feedwater pumps, cooling tower pumps, cooker pumps, pulverisers, exhaust fans, dry material blowers, hydraulic pumps, electrical control systems